Isnin, 7 Januari 2013

Listen to Holy Quran Continuously Without the Troubles of Downloading

Listen to Holy Quran continuously without the troubles of downloading - " Radio Quran " on your computer with the voices of your favorite reciters.


1) Go to Desktop

2) Right click and select New

3) Select Shortcut

4) A rectangular window will appear to you , please paste one of these links in it:

a) Public Radio - Broadcast to different reciters - mms://

b) Sheikh Maher Al-Muaeqly - mms://

c) Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ajmi - mms://

d) Sheikh Saud Shuraim - mms://

e) Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad - mms://

f) Sheikh Abdul Rahman Sudais - mms://

g) Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamidi - mms://

h) Sheikh Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi - mms://

i) Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad (Mujawwad) - mms://

j) Sheikh Rashid Mashary Al-Afaasy - mms://

k) Sheikh Khalid Al-Qahtani - mms://

l) Sheikh Fares Abbad - mms://

m) Sheikh Idris Abkar - mms://

n) Sheikh Abu Bakr Ashatery - mms://

o) Sheikh Yasser Al-Dosari - mms://

5) The Final step
* select next
* write the name of the channel like the name of the reciter
* select finish

6) Finally you will find on your desktop an icon like media player or real player , click on it "double click" and wait for few seconds and then the radio will start with you


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